I recently read an article where eight body positive activists gave their advice to the plus size community about losing weight for the new year:

What 8 body positive activists want you to know about losing weight in the new year

Taken from: Mashable.com

Dances with Fat wrote: “Every year, women are told that we’ll really start the year off right with some body hatred, food restriction and punishing exercise. This doesn’t so much lead to a thinner ‘new us’ as it does to disappointment, more body hatred and a ton of profit for the diet industry.

“This year, instead of focusing on being less, let’s focus on being more. Resolve to have more gratitude for everything your body does for you. Take up more space in the world. Speak up more about things that are important to you. Do more joyful movement. Eat more delicious food that nourishes you. This year, instead of trying for to create a ‘new you,’ resolve to take the old you out for a spin. I think you’ll find that she’s pretty spectacular.”

Melissa Fabello, Managing Editor at Everyday Feminism and body acceptance actives: “It’s time for us to stop setting New Year’s resolutions altogether and to start settingrevolutions instead — to, rather than resolving ourselves to ‘self-improvement’ defined by systems set up to oppress us, revolt against them. Set goals in terms of treating yourself with more compassion, take more fashion risks, enjoy more time at the beach, go out for brunch more — do all the things that you keep promising yourself you’ll do when you lose ‘X’ number of pounds.

“You don’t need to lose weight to experience your best self. You just need to resolve yourself to living the life you imagine –- in exactly the skin you’re already in. You’d be amazed at how that mental shift can be the best choice you’ve ever made in terms of health and happiness.”

Jes Baker, creator of author of and body positive advocate wrote: Fat isn’t an indicator of being unhealthy, and being thin is no assurance of good health. Thin bodies can be unhealthy, and fat bodies can be unhealthy. Additionally, thin bodies can be healthy and fat bodies can indeed be healthy. So, ‘losing weight’ isn’t a goal that necessarily serves us in ‘bettering’ ourselves. In fact, it does nothing more than gift your dollars to an industry that makes billions off physical insecurities.

“I can also tell you your worth as a human is not dictated by your medical charts or ability to run marathons. You have inherent value — every human does. It’s really that simple.

“Remember this: You’re absolutely perfect and valuable just the way you are (yes, I’m serious) and making goals from a place of knowing your self-worth is a surefire way to ensure 2016 is a year to remember and love.”

My response as Full Figured Fitness: I love you ladies the way you look, your positivity and love what you do. I do however disagree with encouraging people to stay a weight that can be potentially (I said potentially) unhealthy. You ladies are fit and well – some people who weigh the same or less than you are definitely not. I was unfit, pre-diabetic and had to walk with walking sticks, I could not walk up one flight of stairs – I could not even get to the fridge to eat the food I loved. I was ashamed not of my body but to seek help and exercise. I started slow very slow and I still on my fitness journey.

‘At Full Figured Fitness we promote body positivity and optimum health!’
Lauretta Founder of the Full Figured Fitness Movement

I had trained as a aerobics instructor when I was younger. I trained as a gym instructor going to my class with two folding walking sticks and folding them and putting them away before I was seen I took pain killers for the joint pain. I am now a qualified Personal Trainer / Exercise To Music (re-did it)/ Gym/ Chair Based/ GP Exercise Referral Instructor and Consultant and guess what I weigh over 20 stones having lost many I can teach a large class for and hour and dance and move – many times a day! I am pain free now. You can be fat and metabolically fit (blood pressure, heart rate etc.). I would encourage anyone who is overweight and wants to get fitter to go and get advice from their GP or trained expert after all you don’t want incur injures or make undiagnosed conditions worse do you? Like many I understand how the media works and the subliminal programming that goes on especially at the end of the year. At New Year many things re-start or re-boot why not be one of them? You can of course reboot at any time. I started FULL FIGURED FITNESS to help people do just that. I help encourage, empower and strengthen each individual body and mind. I advocate exercise and REAL FOOD instead of NUTRITION LESS food. I help people to train safely with great results we focus on fitness and having fun not weight – yes your weight will change if you keep fit you will start to lose the excess. Something like a squat (done well) is said exercise every muscle in your body up to your neck! I can now stand up and sit on a chair like a graceful plus sized lady should – before I would slump in and crawl out – come on you can relate surely. Any new start is a good thing you don’t have to wait unit New Year. We agree you should love your body but not at the expense of your health – I say love your HEALTHY body xxx ends.

Having read the post I was left somewhat confused – the ‘love your body’ message seems to condone ignore the ‘healthy body’ message and is potentially dangerous. We all know our own bodies, we know that sometimes we feel unfit or unwell, we also know some diseases and illnesses are silent and go unnoticed (good reasons to stay at our optimum health) therefore advising someone to stay fat is irresponsible we cannot take our health for granted. I used to take pain killers before leaving the house as I could not walk unaided for 10 yards without them, yet I was afraid my body could not cope with the pain killers – I was also afraid my body could not cope with the exercise but I had to make a choice.

I love my body but could have died if I kept on just loving it without nurturing and keeping it healthy.

The promotion of body love and self acceptance is fruitless without promoting good health – think about it. Happy New Year!! I drink (a veg juice) to your good health. OK I would love a slice of cake with that!