I was asked to appear on the Vanessa Derbyshire Show BBC 2.  Along with Tam Fry Spokesperson, National Obesity Forum and Body Image Campaigner Kathryn Szrodeck.

We were asked to attend as a new report by the World Health Organisation, published 6th May 2015, contends the UK is facing soaring levels of obesity. Experts at the World Health Organisation say some 73% of men and 63% of women in the UK are likely to be overweight or obese by 2030.

Another study ranked the UK second out of 28 countries for its proportion of overweight children. This worrying information means that action needs to be taken to prevent the growth of obesity.

victoria derbyshire show, WHO obesity report, exercise for the overweight, personal trainer fulham, The conversation started Tam Fry stated the facts as written in the report. Kathryn dismissed the findings with what I would call unqualified reason: ‘when you go into an A&E you don’t see fat people you see sick people’ and ‘the most likely person to get a heart attack is a slim white male’ and ‘the research is flawed’.

I maintain we have a health crisis – an obesity crisis – there are simple solutions out there programmes that are making a difference, programmes that work.  In the meantime we have individuals debating the issues and I wonder who they are speaking on behalf of and who they are representing.

victoria derbyshire show, obesity crisis . world health organisation, exercise classes for the overweight

I met man from The National Obesity Forum who did not want to engage, answer questions nor ask anything about what I do when we first met.  I met woman who it seemed to dismiss the evidence presented from a report by the World Health Organisation and both did not have any suggestion of a workable solution. Yes research may be flawed we know that.  However to quote research off the paper without question is naive but it is a start.

As I was driven home I reflected on my exciting morning – studying until 4.30am, an anxious sleep, woken up by the phone and (delighted to be) invited to appear on a BBC show.  My day changed dramatically my world rocked in realisation; I started my small business from my own struggle with my weight and need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and my passion to help others.  I am on the ground actively providing a solution – not necessarily a blanket solution for the obesity crisis but intervention.  I am proud and happy to be working on the ground making a difference – changing lives – fighting obesity.

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