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Order Xanax Cheap - Xanax Australia Buy


Get VIP treatment with my specialised Personal Training Programme. If you are plus sized, overweight or obese train, with a leading plus sized Personal Trainer who is sympathetic to your health and fitness needs and who understands the larger body.

Order Xanax Cheap - Xanax Australia Buy

Get VIP treatment with my specialised Personal Training Programme. Save £50.00 when you book 10 sessions.

If you are plus sized, overweight or obese train, with a leading plus sized Personal Trainer who is sympathetic to your health and fitness needs and who understands the larger body.

Get fit and become body confident as I help you achieve your specific goals. Build muscle, burn fat, build your core strength, increase your functionality (everyday movements), increase your flexibility, reduce stress, feel great and learn great technique.

Training takes place in my lounge studio in Fulham.

Please call or compete a Buy Xiemed Alprazolam for a quote for home visits.

What to expect:

Pre-first meeting

Complete a Pre-exercise Questionnaire (Par-Q), Food Diary and Reddiness Questionnaire (behavioural change)

First meeting

Your first meeting will include a free consultation/ discussion about your fitness needs, your goals and the way forward.  Measurements – these can be as simple or complex as you want them to be: from BMI, body fat percentage, range of movement, fitness testing, sleep analysis, body measurements OR skip the scales and check your weight loss by how your clothes fit you and how you feel everyday! Nutritional Advice – by following simple guidelines and making small changes, you can make a healthy difference to your eating, using food as nourishment and medicine. You have the option of receiving a nutrition plan from a Clinical Nutritionist.  Behavioural Change – receive feedback on your Reddiness to Change/ Behavioural Change Questionnaire.   After the discussion your fabulous fitness programme will begin.


Enjoy training and support with a qualified plus sized Personal Trainer and Behavioural Change Coach with specialist knowledge of the bigger body with a specially designed program just for you. Reviews – your training will be reviewed periodically to make appropriate adjustments to ensure you get the best out of my programme and progress will be tracked to ensure you reach your fitness goals.

I will support, encourage and motivate you to reach your optimum fitness. Become a fitter, healthier you!

If you have a friend that you wish to support on their fitness journey why not buy them a gift voucher?


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