Moving Curves Group Personal Training Class Pass


Move Your Curves sessions are uniquely designed for the bigger body, with the detail and support of a personal training session.  We focus is on fitness, form (the way you execute the move optimising the benefits of each and every exercise), function (exercises which relate to your everyday movements) and fun.  Uniquely each session is sequenced to give you a easy transitional flow from move to move enabling you to have a safe effective exercise session.  No more struggles to get up and down, move or turn between each exercise, lots of inbuilt adaptations and rests if you need them – great for the obese, larger or de-conditioned body. If you struggle to keep fit and stay committed we will help you reach your personal goals, group accountability is key.  Weather you want to just work out or lose weight Moving Curves gives you the benefits of a Personal Trainer for a FRACTION of the cost!  100% results. Designed by a plus sized personal trainer with YOU in mind! Designed by a plus sized personal trainer with YOU in mind! Book a 1 class pass for £15.00 make savings with a 5 class pass and 10 class pass.


The Full Figured Fitness Personal Moving Curves programme is just what you have been waiting for! Do you want to get fit? Do you want to move easy and remain injury free.  Do you want to have fun whilst working out?

Come and work out as a team, get individual attention. Do you want motivation without the stress?

Do you want to be challenged without feeling pressurised. Do you enjoy camaraderie? Do you want to set and get fitness goals.

Moving Curves is a fantastic way to get fit and reap the benefits of a Personal Trainer for a FRACTION of the cost! Designed with YOU in mind!

Join the tribe in a safe, fun, non-intimidating environment that promotes wellbeing and body confidence.

Classes take place every Tuesday starts 7th February 2017.

Meet The Tribe @ The Arch (located under the bridge)
St Mary’s Church, Putney
SW15 1SN Tuesdays 7pm – 8pm

Starts 7th February 2017

Exercises are modified for the larger body, lots of alternatives and adaptations all designed to get you the fitter, stronger body that you want.  Burn fat, get stronger, fitter, more flexible, sit/stand/ walk with style and ease and grace.  Speak positively about your body!

Train in an intimate atmosphere with a small group of like-minded people.  Make long-term sustainable changes. Feel energised, marvel at your strengths and capabilities.

Move and dance

Get stronger

Improve your stamina

Build core strength

Burn fat

Improve your flexibility

Improve your functional fitness (everyday movements)

Feel energised

Enjoy training and support with a qualified plus sized Personal Trainer and Behavioural Change Coach with specialist knowledge of the bigger body with specially designed and modified to fit your goals and individual fitness levels.

I will support, encourage and motivate you to reach your optimum fitness. Become a fitter, healthier you!

Buy a class pass or if you have a friend that you wish to support on their fitness journey why not buy them a gift voucher? Buy more pay less!

See you on Tuesday!


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