Great news! There is a new Fitness class for men and women starting in Fulham at The Dance Studio, Charing Cross Sports Club, Aspenlea Road, Fulham, W6 8LH in May 2015.  The Sports Club is next door/adjoins Charing Cross Hospital. This class is specially designed for you if you are taking your first steps into exercise, returning to exercise or want to build your exercise confidence. Ease yourself into exercise with this low impact aerobic class suitable for beginners/ intermediated fitness enthusiasts and starters.

The great thing about my classes is that I understand what it is like to be overweight and want to start or continue your your fitness journey.  This class is designed for your body, unlike traditional exercise where you have to fit into this class.  I know what it is like to want to get fit and lose weight but don’t want to hurt or strain yourself in the process.

As a qualified fitness instructor and being a plus sized woman, I have designed a 45 min workout which will help you to improve your fitness, improve your functional skills (sitting, standing, walking, reaching, stretching, walking up stairs, running for a bus etc).  You can exercise with ease to great music in a comfortable, supportive environment. We always have fun too. You will be so glad you came.

Many attendees report changes to their body and movement after two sessions.

‘I ran up two flights of stairs to get the train when I got there I thought …. I did not struggle to get up the stairs I did not hold on to the rail I just ran up.’ Participant, April 2015

The class is fun packed and designed with you in mind.  Feel the difference in your body, in your movements within a few weeks.  Go at your own pace. There are many teaching points and alternative exercises and support if needed.  I encourage you to keep going.  The exercises and dance moves are:

Safe, Simple and effective

If you have had that conversation with yourself about being overweight and wanting to make changes to your lifestyle – this is a great place to start!

Are you ready to commit – click HERE to book, or call Lauretta on 07780707222 for a chat about your exercise, nutritional and fitness needs.

Full Figured Fitness was one of 9 organisations selected to work with the London Sport This Girl Can Campaign please click HERE to read all about it.