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The Full Figured Fitness Personal Training Bootcamp @ Putney (on the boarder of Fulham) is a unique way for you to get a fitness boost and benefit from the quality of service and individual attention you receive with Personal Training but at a more affordable price. That’s right there is no excuse the ‘I can’t afford it’ conversation is at last over!

Let us not mess with our words here – if you are reading this you are probably plus sized or want to increase your activity and if you are anything like me, at times frustrated about fitness. There comes a time in your life when you decide you want to get fitter and stronger perhaps even lose a few pounds. Importantly you want to enjoy doing it, exercise safely and remain injury free. It is OK to enjoy your body at any size but we all have to look after our bodies. Using exercise and movement to push or challenge our bodies a bit more helps build strength and increase aerobic capacity.

We live in a world where going ‘work’ means sitting in the same chair all day at a computer doing repetitive movements week after week. This is not good for your body – your muscles are underused, your spine may become curved. This can lead to discomfort and pain, which for many people means automatically reaching for meds.  Eating nutritious food and exercising can help reverse some illnesses & chronic disease or prevent it from happening.  I say this because it happened to me and to others! I am not trying to scare you into exercising but these are facts. Sadly self-hatred is a multibillion-dollar industry I am not a part of that. That said a large person keeping fit shatters all assumptions and stereotypes of fat people and being large therefore loving yourself regardless is a revolutionary act.

We need to counteract the sedentary lifestyles we live and work it is not good our bodies. Recently reported in the news this is not a ‘fat’ thing research has shown that people who attend the gym also may live sedentary lives i.e. and suffer the same ills as experienced by those who have sedentary jobs and sit at a desk all day.

Fat people can train, can get fitter and eat yummy food!

So you want that slice of cake right? Or that bag of crisps uh huh. I get it. I am not asking you to give everything up at once. Just make small changes. Recently I wanted a snack and got myself an apple – had you of told me that I would want an apple for a snack two years ago I would have laughed my head off. I did it without thinking yet not long ago a snack to me was a four pack of Mars Bars. You know I just ate the one, then another – well you get my drift. Actually wanting and craving for a snack that is healthy is the culmination of small changes, behavioural, physiological and emotional changes over a period of time.

I love delicious food and want to continue enjoying it. I had my face pressed (when nearly) on a window looking at slices of homemade cake in a patisserie. I would rather have a slice of something of quality and enjoy the fresh flavours dancing on my tongue, exciting my palate than the crappy sugar buzz of over processed cakes that I used to buy. I am aware I need to counterbalance my indulgences, which I do by ensuring I eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise, be it a long walk, cycling, teaching one of my classes or exercising or dancing at home – that’s my take on things. You have to do what makes you happy.

The Full Figured Fitness Bootcamp offers you to opportunity to work with me to make small significant changes, which will have a big long-term impact on your life. You will benefit from professional coaching from me, your trainer and encouragement from your colleagues in the likeminded fitness group. All this will help you push yourself beyond any pre-existing self-imposed limits or negative behaviors adopted – be they physical or emotional. These skills can be used in other areas of your life – be more than prepared for everything life throws at you! You will achieve results you never believed were possible.

Ultimately the choice is yours – you can make it as difficult or easy as you want to.  I had to make small changes and a few big ones – work through my regressions and keep thriving for the lifestyle that enabled me to have fun, get fit, enjoy the occasional indulgence, build my confidence and was sustainable.

Come and join a tribe that understands your body and your needs, feel motivated and appreciated. Train in a body positive environment that is positive about your body and will support you in your fitness and wellness journey. Come and experience the many benefits you get when you attend a Fill Figured Fitness class.

Join the tribe – small changes BIG results!

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