eBay Curve launched its plus size hub and asked Full Figured Fitness can you be active at any Size?
This month eBay launched a brand new fashion hub that caters for the plus size figure. eBay Curve Fashion Hub will showcase a huge range of plus size fashion for the curvy figure. Fashion items range from sizes 18 to­ 36, allowing British women to browse and buy the most up to date fashionable outfits all in one place. The eBay Curvy Hub introduces bespoke fashion designer items as well as big brand and high street names.
I was asked to take place in this groundbreaking advertising campaign in a short film alongside Jessica Bell the Body Positive Plus Size Ballet Dancer. The resulting film is a testimony to the talented visionary Tiffany, Producer/Director.

Plus-size fashion is one of the most popular fashion categories for eBay. eBay hosts over 8 million items of clothing from a size 18 upwards on the UK site. Last month over 180,000 plus-size womenswear items were sold each week. Six thousand plus-size dresses were sold per day.

eBay hopes to engage the public to shop creatively by providing shopping and style guides as well as curated ‘collections’. Additionally eBay has a ‘Shop the Look’ feature to find items to buy giving you the feeling of having a personal shopper.

Significantly eBay recognise the need to create a accessible platform for the UK’s plus size population, which make up over 60% of the population.

The most exciting part is eBay Curve Hub includes an activewear section. I often find myself buying mens clothes i.e. t-shirts and track suit tops because I cannot get the length and coverage I seek. I am looking forward to shopping on the eBay hub.

This is was a welcomed opportunity as it gave Full Figured Fitness a platform to address the culture of stereotypical thoughts and negative assumptions about obesity and exercise. The resulting film positively portrays Jessica and I as we really are. It is time to demystify exercise for the larger or fatter person – we can jump, we can run, we can dance, we can squat, we can exercise!

The final footage is incredible it is a positive ‘tell it how it is’ story, it makes no apologies and does not ask for sympathy. It says we are plus sized and we can get fit no problem! The final words are a powerful message ‘your body is limitless’ is a fitting end, a call for action, encouraging the public to take action with their health and fitness no mater what size they are or what shape they are in, after all fitness is for everyBODY.

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