Full Figured Fitness Club

I am super excited to be hosting the Full Figured Fitness Club, a series of fitness and wellbeing workshops commencing in June 2019 designed for your bigger body.

Do you want to maintain a fit, healthy, balanced lifestyle? Do you want to improve your muscular strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility, improve your daily life including your sleep and general wellbeing? Do you struggle to attend weekly exercise classes? Do you need support making healthy nutritional changes? Would you like to join a supported, fun, motivated, community to help you achieve your fitness and wellbeing goals? If your answer is ‘YES’ but you don’t know where to start join our squad at the Full Figured Fitness Club. Workshops are designed with you in mind. Health and fitness made easy!

Each monthly workshop is designed to move you beyond your health and fitness blocks and limitations in a supportive, motivational environment. During each workshop you will take part in a facilitated coaching and goal achieving session, followed by a specialised exercise session: Group Personal Training/ Curvy Aerobics/ Soul Steppin’. Strengthen, increase flexibility and focus with Phat Yoga then immerse yourself and relax with Yoga Nidra – guided meditation. All this goodness and more packed into a 90 min monthly workshop. As if that is not enough, you will gain access to a FREE social media group where we can check-in mid-month. By sharing your fitness and wellbeing journey you will gain support, reflect, set goals, be accountable and celebrate success. Create the fitness wellness lifestyle you always wanted.

Give yourself permission to live a fitter, healthier, abundant, authentic life. Get fit, flexible and strong, grow in self confidence and self esteem, face your fitness and wellbeing challenges, whilst loving the body you live in.

“For far too long I have witnessed participants struggling to attend regular classes. The Full Figured Fitness Club workshops are a simple, manageable way to help you get your health and fitness goals. Designed for plus sized, overweight and obese men and women with your busy lifestyle in mind. This is a new style of fitness and wellbeing for 2019 and beyond. You are in control. Move yourself beyond your default mode. Learn the tools and strategies to help build fitness into your life, whatever your ability, level of fitness and motivation – you can get fit and stay fit and get help making positive nutritional choices. Learn to move and learn to be still, tune into your authentic self and practice self love and self healing.”
Lauretta Johnnie – Personal Trainer

What you get in the workshop

  • A facilitated coaching session/ discussion
  • Strategies that can easily be implemented into your healthy lifestyle
  • Specialist plus sized exercise class: including Group Personal Training/ Curvy Aerobics – to promote cardio vascular health and increase stamina and strength
  • Phat Yoga session: Strengthening, focusing, flexibility, balancing, grounding & nurturing are just a part of this awesome session. Learn how to exercise well with good form and get to most out of each move
  • Yoga Nidra or breath work – relaxing meditation/ stress management
  • Personal workbook/ sheets
  • Monthly goals and gains template
  • Reflective tools/ creative journaling
  • Access to our FREE private social media group (with the 8 and 4 month subscription) where you will receive encouragement and support from the squad
  • A resistance band – with easy to follow muscle strengthening and conditioning tips
  • Full Figured Fitness flannel for those glowing/ sweaty moment
  • Challenges to help keep you focused and motivated
  • Discounts and special offers on Full Figured Fitness classes
  • Guest speakers/ presenters/ facilitators (later in the year)
  • Filming and media opportunities (optional)

Every BODY Welcome!

You can join the Full Figured Fitness Club for these super special prices:

£197 for an 8 x Workshop Pass *BEST VALUE*
@ less than £25 per workshop [equivalent of £6.25 per week]
*Saving you £59.00*

£108.00 for a 4 x Workshop Pass *GREAT VALUE*
@ £27 per workshop *Saving you £20*

Single Workshop pass is £32 [limited places]

To join the club click HERE

Create a fitter, healthier, happier you in a safe supportive environment whilst loving, caring for and appreciating your body.

Nothing can bring you peace and happiness but yourself.