How is your appetite? Do you know a lot about nutrition? Do you plan your meals? Did you know you can be overweight and undernourished? Do you consider portion control or just throw (notice the use of the word throw) it on the plate? Do you stop eating when you are full? Are you an emotional eater? Are you over or under eating? What is your shopping budget?  How much time do you have for meals? Do you prep your own food?

Do you eat lots of processed foods? Do you see food as medicine or a just something to fill you up? Are you drinking enough water? Are you aware of ‘liquid calories’? What are the triggers that cause you to overeat? Have you got pre-existing health conditions? Are you on medication? How often do you exercise?

These are some of the questions you need to know the answers to before you go on a ‘diet’. There is not much point going in a diet or joining a slimming group if you are not educated about the food you eat and you rely on so called ‘experts’ to tell you how to eat – without addressing your real issues – you will be pasting over the cracks.

Take time to learn about food and how to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Learn what it means to make long term lifestyle changes – something that is achievable and sustainable, emotionally, financially, daily.  Reflect on what change means to you. Look deep into the root causes of your toxic eating habits.

Unless you look at, challenge and change the issues at the root of your eating you may slip back into your ‘default mode’ and sabotage your efforts to eat healthier or lose weight. Re-educate yourself about food. Learn how to look after your pre-existing health conditions. Use behavioural change techniques. You may need more than one professional or support, a personal trainer, a counsellor, a workout buddy, a group class. When starting a diet or a healthy eating and living journey – make sure you get your shit together! Look after your body – it is the only place you have to live in!

One life, one body, one YOU.