Eight great benefits of Move Your Curves team training

by | Nov 17, 2016

Do you want to give your fitness a Boost?  We host great Move Your Curves sessions!  Why don’t you join us?  Get VIP treatment with my specialised  sessions every Wednesday 7.30pm to 8pm in Fulham.  he venue is located within a few minutes walking distance of Fulham Broadway tube station.

Designed for the bigger body these sessions give you with a whole-body workout that builds your strength, endurance and improves your flexibility. That means your everyday movements will be enhanced and made easier i.e. walking up or down stairs, standing and sitting gracefully or like a gentleman (no more roll on roll off) or running for that bus. Get fitter, revitalise your body.

Give your fitness a boost. This is why you will love Move Your Curves! Benefits include:

  1. Support and guidance from a well respected Personal Trainer who understands the larger body! Enjoy getting fit in a motivational atmosphere with the encouragement of a team of like-minded people – together will can make change happen.
  2. Save money! Small group personal training is a more affordable solution than standard personal training and works in much the same way as personal training, except you will be training with a small group of other individuals. We offer incredible prices which means great value!
  3. Body positivity and confidence building! Re-connect with your body and soul. Build your body confidence. You can be fit and any size. We don’t do self loathing here! We are accepting of who you are and we train for the fun of it reaping the great benefits of exercise.
  4. Teamwork! By working alongside like-minded people who are striving towards the same targets as yourself – whether that is to socialize, to improve muscle, burn fat, increase flexibility, tone, conditioning or improving your strength or building your confidence.
  5. Creating the best YOU! Exercise helps you to feel great and improve your everyday movements – that’s the truth! Your individual needs, goals and fitness level are all taken into consideration during each session, adaptations will be made so you can optimise your training.
  6. Technique: learn correct form and technique and technical elements of safe and effective movement. Helping you get the most out of every exercise and movement.
  7. Functional movement training: Functional strength training involves performing exercise against resistance (weights) including your body weight i.e. a squat. By training the muscles involved in that movement it directly enhances your everyday movements therefore your daily living activities and movements are easier to perform.
  8. Flexibility training: Flexibility training includes stretching exercises for the purpose of increasing one’s range of motion in joints and muscles. Flexibility increases your range of movement (you can bend more) and can help decrease your chances of injury and can help improve balance.

Stop procrastinating come and join the tribe.

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