Online Personal Training

Full Figured Fitness Online Personal Training is uniquely designed to get the bigger body fitter and healthier.  As your certified Personal Trainer I will design a personal online training program specifically for YOU based on the information you provide in your completed individual profile i.e. age, exercise history, fitness level, goals, medical history, exercise preferences, available equipment, your time and availability etc.  You are guaranteed success because the exercises are designed for YOU.

Our online programmes are great for those new to exercise, re-starters, de-conditioned, chair based, morbidly obese, or fit individuals who want to improve their health and keep active.  With your bespoke training program at hand online you can work out at home, at work, outdoors or on the go. Start your adventure now.

FACT: Exercise is more effective and successful when using a program that is designed just for you

All exercises have inbuilt modifications and rests for your comfort. Exercises are sequenced to give you easy transitional flow of movement. My unique training methods uses a combination of low and medium impact aerobic exercise and your available equipment.

Get fit without fear or shame. Cultivate a positive mindset with our affirmations. Enjoy a full body workout and learn great technique train in body positive friendly and supportive environment.  Reconnect with your body. Feel body confident.  Get support from a leading plus sized personal trainer, get the results you want whether it be to increase your fitness level, lose weight, burn fat, increase strength and flexibility or functionality (everyday movements) or make lifestyle changes.

EveryBODY welcome!

The aim
Your Personalised online Training Programme is designed to help you nurture a healthy mindset and habits and focuses on moving and strengthening your whole body. Improve your stamina, strength, balance and flexibility, burn fat and feel energised – liberate your curves!

What do I need?
A bottle water to refresh yourself and help keep your muscles hydrated and a towel for your brow. A quality mat to train on.  You can purchase resistance bands and weights at a really great price if you click HERE or source your own quality items from a fitness store.  If required some exercises need no equipment.

What do I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing – you can wear a t-shirt and leggings or a track suit or suitable clothes for exercise.  Trainers should be suitable for exercise i.e. some fashion trainers will not have the grip and comfort you need.  Go for quality and were possible seek specialist advice.

How do I pay?
Please pay online – I want commitment!

Click HERE to join (minimum commitment 12 weeks)

Online classes will be live mid May 2017 got a question call me on 07780707222




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