Group Personal Training

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Classes in Fulham every Wednesday @ 7.30pm – 8.30pm Move Your Body is a group exercise class designed specifically for the bigger body.  Join the tribe! Train with a group and receive the detailed support of a personal training session at FRACTION of the cost. Exercise and personal training for overweight and obese London We focus on: FORM – the way you execute the move, optimising the benefits of each and every exercise FUNCTION – exercises which relate to your everyday movements and FUN – enjoyment is the key to longevity – sustaining your fitness journey and success! I designed this class to help improve your every day functionality (movements) as a plus sized person.  I wanted something that was fun, build strength, improve flexibility and included dance moves to improve coordination and build confidence. Each session is designed to give you a easy transitional flow from move to move enabling you to have a safe effective exercise session.  No more struggles to get up and down, move or turn between each exercise, no more injuries as we have lots of inbuilt adaptations and rests if you need them – great for the overweight, obese, larger or de-conditioned body. move your body group personal training for the overweight or obese   If you struggle to keep fit and stay committed we will help you reach your personal goals with group accountability. Whether you want to just work out and keep fit or if you want to lose weight, Move Your Body gives you the benefits of a Personal Trainer and group support for a FRACTION of the cost! Book a 10 class pass by clicking on the image below for just £130.00 thats £13.00 per session saving you £20.  

group personal training for the bigger overweight obese body fulham London body positivity


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