Classes and Workshops

Welcome to Full Figured Fitness where we offer a you a safe space enabling you to feel comfortable enough in your plus sized body to exercise and get fit improve your wellbeing in a friendly, motivational and supportive environment.

Join us, build your exercise confidence, improve your fitness and overall wellness and have fun!

  • Classes are taught by Lauretta Johnnie a plus size qualified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher. Other qualifications include: Exercise to Music Instructor, Gym Instructor, Falls Prevention, Chair Based Instructor, GP Exercise Referral and Obesity and Diabetes specialist.
  • Classes have been specially designed for men and women with a fuller figure/ overweight/ obese and/or de-conditioned or returning to exercise.  All BODIES are welcome including friends and supporters. Enjoy classes in a safe supported environment
  • Classes take place in modern studios, with up to date facilities – carefully chosen locations in the heart of communities
  • You will be asked to complete a pre-exercise questionnaire and asked about any health conditions, medications or injuries as each class commences
  • Please do wear appropriate clothing and bring with you water, a towel and a smile. Wearing layers that can be removed helps.  I always advise my clients to invest in quality trainers
  • Do take the opportunity to speak to the trainer before the class if you have any health or fitness concerns or in advance if you have any special needs

If you are plus sized or returning to exercise and want to get fit, improve your muscular strength, burn fat, improve your breathing, stamina, flexibility and endurance. Socialise, make friends and have an awesome exercise experience – we have the class for you!

New monthly workshop/class for 2019
*Full Figured Fitness Club*
Starting soon

Book early to avoid disappointment!

“For far too long I have seen participants struggle to attend regular classes. The Full Figured Fitness Club workshops are a simple, manageable way to help you obtain your health and fitness goals. Designed for plus sized/ overweight and obese men and women with your busy lifestyle in mind. This monthly club is a new style of fitness and wellbeing for 2019 and beyond.

You are in control of your progression!

Learn the tools and strategies to help build fitness into your life, whatever your ability, level of fitness and level of motivation – you can get fit and stay fit and get help making positive nutritional choices. Draw strength from the tribe work with the team, share and celebrate successes.

Learn to move and learn to be still

Shut out all the negativity and noise. Tune into your authentic self, practice self love and appreciation. Improve your wellness. Learn how to exercise safely and well with good form. Get into your optimum fitness and wellbeing zone. Move yourself beyond your limits.”