I have recently purchased a new sports bra for my personal fitness and my Full Figured Fitness classes and Personal Training. I purchased the Enell High Impact Sports Bra from Boobydoo, a website that specialises in sports bras. Being a fatty I have to ensure my chest is secure when teaching and training.

Without the sports bra I have far too much wiggle and jiggle than I care to think about. If I did not have the correct sports bra I would feel self-conscious about the movement of my chest, which would distract me from my personal gym routine or teaching my classes. Additionally I would feel extremely uncomfortable as I would most likely be in pain, as not wearing the correct support can also cause breast pain, upper back and shoulder problems.
Sports Bra Enell Full Figured Fitness

This Enell Sports Bra securely holds and covers my breasts and gives them a great shape which I am very happy with. I feel extremely secure and notice the difference when moving, exercising running and dancing – which is exactly what I wanted. The front opening panels make in easy to slip in and out of the bra.



The description of the Enell High Impact Sports Bra states:

  • The patient design eliminates bounce
  • Stabilising back panels improve posture
  • Moisture wicking NATUREXX®
  • Wide straps evenly distribute the weight of the breasts
  • LYCRA® spandex provides support and comfort
  • Movement control for band support and secure fit

It is a fact that over 80% of woman in the UK have the wrong bra fitted. Because of this they are in serious danger of hurting themselves and permanently damaging and stretching their breast ligaments. Experts say exercising without a specialist sports bra can cause problems in the long term.

Our breasts are made up of fatty tissue and are supported mainly by skin and fragile ligaments called Coopers Ligaments. As these ligaments are not elastic, during repetitive or high impact sport the breasts bounce and pull on the ligaments, forcing them to stretch. This over-stretching of the breast ligaments result in sagging of the breasts, which is irreversible. Be they big or small breasts, we all have Coopers Ligaments that can be broken down over time and they won’t ‘bounce’ back.

Running without any bra at all causes the average woman’s breasts to move up and down by 8.5cm. Wearing an ordinary bra reduces this by 32 per cent. A sports bra reduces this by at least another 20 per cent. A recent survey from Herriot-Watt University showed that even breasts sized 34A need extra support during sport. (Daily Mail)

How to find the right sized bra:

It is said that over 80 per cent of British women wear the wrong sized bra.

Shadi Maleki, a bra fitter from Selfridges department store in London, offers this simple guide to finding the right fit.

To find the right back size:

Measure your bust just underneath your breasts all around your body in inches. If the measurement is even deduct four inches from this figure. If the measure is uneven deduct five inches. This is your back size.

To find the right cup size:

Measure your breasts at their widest point – the nipple – taking the measuring tape all around your back. Now deduct your final back measurement from this measurement. If the difference is five inches you are an A cup. For every inch in addition to this add an extra cup size.

I have been teaching my classes (add link) in my new bra and it feels wonderful – safe and secure!

Points to remember when buying a sports bra:

I definitely recommend you speak to a specialist (trained) bra fitter.

Importantly do let the bra fitter know what type of sport you will be undertaking.

Be prepared to pay a little extra for a great bra.

Go for quality not quantity!

Bring your sports tops with you to see how it feels and looks with your new bra.

Having the correct sports bra helps keep your body in shape, keeps your breasts secure, helps you exercise safely and gives you that great look in you gym clothes or t-shirt ensuring you can focus on your fitness, are free from strain and injury, confident, bounce around without bouncing around if you know what I mean whilst keeping you looking good and feeling great!