As a Full Figured Personal Trainer working in Fulham, I have been reflecting rather a lot recently, not only do I have my own challenges with obesity, I have supported others throughout their personal challenges.

A few weeks ago I was extremely stressed out worried and anxious so much coming at me at once.  It was not necessarily negative some of the things coming to me were things I had prayed, wished and hoped for, sadly some of the things were the opposite.  I was battling with time, being organised, prioritisation taking the next steps importantly I was battling with me and my resistance to change and challenging obesity.   Having lived a lot of my adult life in a ‘rut’ having one problem after another or another unbeknownst  to me I was probably ‘enjoying’ or lavishing in my pains you know ‘whoa is me’.  There was always or often something wrong or something news doing, something was not done or just something else.  I was never ‘in the moment’.

I also had to be honest and reflect on how much I ‘invest’ in my misery and how much I ‘invest’ in my happiness if it was an equation it would be something like this:  investment in self = happiness>30% / misery < 70%.  The stats are not good.

In order for me to be happy (which is my theme for this year) I need to make a conscious decision to be happy – I then need to consciously follow it through.  The ego loves drama, misery, stress, attention be it negative or positive.  Sometimes we love drama, it keeps us from moving on, helps us to procrastinate, helps us avoid the good and making positive changes in our lives.

As my life moves on so must I. I have worked hard for this yet a part of me is resisting the changes. In order for change to not just take place but to take root and grow I need to be open to receiving change.

OK so where does that leave me – or you if you are going though something similar

Tools for change and challenging obesity:

  1. Recognise the changes you want have arrived or are on their way – leave a welcome mat at your door
  2. Embrace positive changes – do not question it – believe it is right
  3. Keep a reflective journal, write down what is happening, how it made you feel
  4. Use positive language – your body hears what you say ‘can’t, won’t’ etc can be heard
  5. Reward yourself for all the good you are doing and your ability to maintain and sustain change
  6. Give thanks to the most high for your new life
  7. Reflect, look at what works and what is not working make positive changes: action-reflection-new action

I realise I have to embrace these wonderful changes – my life is changing in a really positive way. As I prepare to start my newest exercise class in Fulham resistance to change is no longer an option if challenging obesity is my goal.

Mantra: I embrace the changes and blessings in my new life -x-