Hiya for those who don’t know me, my name is Lauretta, I am a plus sized Qualified Personal Trainer. I am a big girl – I am fat and I teach exercise to large people men and women. This includes people who may need a low to medium fitness routine whatever the reason, be they returning to exercise, de-conditioned or just want to get fit and have fun.

What is the BIG deal? I am FAT-SO? Well it was not so long ago I was know as the UK’s only plus size instructor.  I was formally size 34-36+ and now size I am a size 22-24 and still evolving.  Since then there has been an emergence, or perhaps a better descriptor, a realisation of other instructors who are plus size – now I don’t mean size 14 or size 16.

What is unique about me is that I am a qualified fitness instructor having previously been almost 28 stones and lost weight.   I hope to lose even more by the end of the year. I will be happy to hand over the title and look back at my personal successes, as I am on my own personal fitness and weight loss journey. Qualified is an important word – there are many people who post fitness vids online without training nor knowledge of exercise and fitness anatomy or adherence to heath and safety rules, encouraging large people to copy what they do. This is OK for some but not OK for me as your heath and safety is of the upmost importance whilst undertaking exercise.

Full Figured Fitness was born of the need for safe and suitable exercise programs for overweight, obese
/ morbidly obese people who may be de-conditioned or taking their first steps bask to fitness.

In the past I have tried many different exercise programmes that were simply unsuitable for my large, awkward, de-conditioned, wobbly body.

I could not keep up with traditional classes not even the slower ones.

I offer a corrective to traditional exercise programs some of which harm rather than help obese people.

I work to encourage people who (like I used to be) are virtually immobile, perhaps do not want to leave their homes or are afraid to exercise through fear of criticism, humiliation or exposure, who are conscious of not keeping up with the class, feel like they are not fitting in or are fed up of causing injury to themselves.

I have designed classes for the bigger less mobile body.  My CurvyAerobics classes are extremely popular. Routines include a comprehensive range of body conditioning movements including functional exercises, strength training, flexibility and cardiovascular training all with a great warm up and cool down.  I work with participants to help build their exercise confidence and get them moving and enjoying keeping fit.  A huge part of what I do is make sure the client feels the benefit of exercise early on in their programme, enabling them to realise the benefits of fitness to their body and mind.

As well as developing my own programmes, I work with fitness professionals, Personal Trainers, organisations to help them gain insight and understanding as to to how a morbidly obese person may respond to exercise and how to adapt and change to suit their programmes to their clients needs.  We discuss the needs of the client and of the trainer I use reflective practice to encourage the trainer to lean, reflect adapt/change. I work with the media as one of their their preferred experts of choice when the discuss obesity in the news.  I have appeared on BBC, Sky News, Channel 5, London Live, BBC Radio London & Five, Mail Online to name but a few.

I was recently one of nine organisations/individuals selected to work with London Sports’ This Girl Can campaign which has been both an honour and a phenomenal experience.

This footage was filmed at Health Fair I facilitated in celebration of International Womens Day.


So am I fat? YES! Are you calling me fat? Perhaps. Do I mind? Hell no! Am I proud of who I am? definitely! Do I want to change, get healthier and lose weight? Oh yes! But I am happy with who I am unlike before where thanks to comments and the negativity around the larger body I was not. Can you join me? Yes definitely!

So come on get your freak on after all ….

This Girl Really Can!