Full Figured Fitness was featured in the UK fitness industry Register of Exercise Professionals first edition of their relaunched magazine Fitness Matters.  I wanted the piece to encourage the fitness industry and fitness professionals to reflect on their practice and possible personal prejudices  and understand that it is far too easy to rush in and tell someone to lose weight or go on a diet without fully understanding why the person is overweight. I mean really understand. Some fat people want to get fit without hearing all the NOISE about fad diets, calories, eating plans, schedules, stop this stop that etc. Some fat people have been shamed to the point that they believe the stories, the myths, the said limitations of their larger body.  Some fat people can’t move freely because of their size and shift in their centre of their gravity and stay at home unnoticed and have lost connection with the world outside, other people and their bodies. Some fat people have had such negative experiences of going to the gym or attending a exercise class they just want to seek a safe place to move and be free. Heck you can’t even get decent fitness wear – should we wear sack cloths? We need to find a space when the fitness industry and fat people can co-exist. We need to re-group!

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Full Figured Fitness  it is about getting people moving without all the NOISE. I encourage people to do the exercises they enjoy, reconnect with their bodies, focus on changing their default beliefs and behaviours, encourage them to put their needs first. I let them know it is safe to move, to exercise, to sweat, to stumble, to sit, to pause, to say ouch, to grumble, to laugh, to feel, to enjoy, to take part without fear or shame. I ask people to challenge their default mode, exercise and the rest will come.  You may wish to lose weight that’s OK, you may wish to build strength that’s OK, you may want to learn some badass dance moves that’s OK, you may want to get more flexible or improve your functionality (everyday movements), you may want to relax in a Yoga Nidra class thats cool too. Do it regardless.

personal training, exercise class, overweight exercise, obesity, weightless, inactivity, london, body positivity, fat yoga

This opportunity lets me know our fat voices are being heard yes we are being listened to.  We must continue the dialogue shout beyond the noise after all sharing our stories and experiences is going to be the key to much needed change.

Register of Exercise Professionals Fitness Matters, Obesity, exercise for the overweight, personal training

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