Why do you need a Personal Trainer?

After all it is just exercise right and just a diet right?

Well if you are reading this article you may be someone who is struggling to, or wants to commence your fitness and weight loss journey. You may even be doing some research for a friend who you hope to support.

The decision to hire a Personal Trainer is an important and empowering one. Hiring a Personal Trainer can ensure you get invaluable expertise and support helping you to overcoming emotional and physical challenges. With this specialised support you can get you the results you desire.

We live in a world where we are saturated with information regarding diets and nutrition. The chances are you know what you should be eating and what you should not be eating. How often have you tried different diets and exercise plans and either failed to keep up or stopped and put the weight back on plus a little extra.

Often these diets are short-term solutions to long-term problems.

As a result you many have lost interest and motivation stopped exercising and reverted or become de-conditioned. You blame yourself and may go right back to what you were eating and doing wrong in the first place.

To be successful you need to make permanent lifestyle changes. Your change needs to be holistic that is it should include:




Behavioural change



Why get a Full Figured Fitness Personal Trainer?

What is Personal Training? As a Personal Trainer I will train you one to one you have my undivided attention for the entire time that we are together. A great Personal Trainer knows how assess you to set goals based on what you want to achieve, teach you great form, provide feedback and accountability and motivate and challenge you with an engaging routine.

Personal individualised programe: What works for one person may not work for another, you are unique. I will ensure that your exercise plan is personal to you based on your fitness goals and assessment results.

Personal nutritional and weight loss advice: I will advise you of the best way to optimise your nutrition and the best way of turning your body into a fat-burning machine.

Specific and special needs training: Do you want all over fitness with a strong focus on your core or your upper arms or legs? Are you an asthmatic or a diabetic or have a medical condition you feel may hold you back? I will design a bespoke plan specific to your personal needs.

Personal Support: In between sessions I am available to answer any questions or issues that you may have by telephone or email. You will receive up to date fitness and nutritional advice.

Consistency: Do you find it difficult to stick to your program? Regular sessions with a Personal Trainer help eliminate any excuses you might come up with for not exercising.

Effective Workouts: Today’s hectic lifestyles mean we are more time poor than ever this means you don’t have time to waste on ineffective exercise routines. Personal Trainers help maximise your time by providing workouts designed to meet your goals and teach you a variety of new things.

Safety: As Personal Trainer I will show you the best way to exercise safely and effectively and instruct you on the correct form to perform each exercise and use equipment. Poor exercise hinders results and bad exercise can cause injury. Beginners in particular benefit from instruction on how to perform specific exercises and program planning.

Accountability: Having a Personal Trainer means you have someone who is focused on you who can challenge your limiting beliefs, keep you focused, push your limits and keep you from plateauing. Accountability changes everything.

Been There Done That! I know what it is like to be plus sized and want to commence and continue exercise. I understand what it is like to want to keep motivated and at times swim against tide. I understand what it feels like to experience mind and body changes and sometimes resist change. I will coach you through the whole process give you long-term guidance and motivation setting the stage for a healthy future.

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